The Ultimate Guide to Clean Your Moroccan rug and Wool Rug

Ultimate Guide to Clean Your Moroccan rug

You are wondering how to clean your wool Moroccan rug to extend his lifetime and enjoy it as long as possible. And above all, how to clean your rug without damaging it?

Here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you keeping your Berber carpet splendid like on the first day.

These tips are particularly effective for the Beni Ourain and Berber wool rugs which are the most fragile.

We often say “Kilim rug” or “Berber rug” to name shag rugs we brought from our trip to Morocco or bought from a specialized e-shop. Those terms aren’t accurate, but everyone knows what we’re talking about.

So let’s first clarify the right definition of Moroccan rug. There are two types of rugs: the Kilim rug which is a flat woven carpet and the high pile rug that is knotted with thicker wool (such as Beni Ourain, and Azilal rugs). The Kilim rug is always easier to clean because it is woven and thus smoother.

We always believe that a denser carpet absorb more dust than other thinner carpets with more tightened tissues. Moroccan rugs aren’t easier or harder to clean compared to other rugs.

With a regular vacuum cleaning, the dust won’t find the time to accumulate and to stick. It is good to know that a classic vacuum is more than enough to take care of those wool carpets, even for the thicker ones. The good tip is to vacuum without scrubbing or brushing with a hard brush.

We all know the fragility of wool, a natural materiel that doesn’t like the shock treatment and prefers a softer intervention.

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Our first advice will be to use the vacuum moderately

During the first vacuum passages, we shouldn’t worry if the Moroccan rug loses some of its wool oversupply in the form of tiny fluffs. This is totally normal.

The cleaning of a Berber carpet will depend on the stains type. It is usually routine stains such as coffee or chocolate stains that are easy to eliminate. The more resistant stains like fat will need a professional intervention.

Our second advice is to not wait for stains to clean your Berber carpet

Think about removing dust in regular basis. The best tip is to turn the rug upside down. This way, the dust will fall back to the ground under gravity without any action on the wool.

This operation my take 2 to 3 days and could be more efficient if your trample on the carpet from time to time.

Washing your Berber carpet will always be more effective in the absence of the dust

Most of the time, you should use cold water to wash your Moroccan rug in a terrace for instance by inclining the carpet.

A simple and not so powerful water jet will help the wool getting rid of its impurities.

It is not advised to rub the wool. Do it only if this is necessary. Indeed, too frequent cleaning may give a yellowish color to the wool over time.

Cleaning supplies should be used exceptionally

If you have a coffee stain to remove, you may use a soft shampoo or a special wool product by diluting it five times in warm water.

Don’t wash the whole carpet. Do it only for the stained portion. Perform soft and steady motion as if you’re washing a baby’s hair.

And please, do not use a colored rag. Favor your own hands that will massage the wool softly. Then flush it with plenty of cold water.

Another tip for localized stains, sprinkle some baking soda over the stained surface, and remove it later with a vacuum. This will leave your carpet in like-new condition.

Air dry your Moroccan rug

To dry a washed Moroccan rug, it would be wise to not directly expose the wool to the sun. Flip the rug and place in a clean surface in open air (in your backyard, your balcony or a window’s edge).

If the stain persists, do the same few days later. If the stain is really obstinate, call a professional wool carpet cleaner.

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