Large Azilal Rug 5x9 Ethically Handmade in Morocco

Large Azilal Rug 5x9

Large Azilal rug to add calming influence with a lot of character

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Large Azilal Rug

colorful Moroccan Azilal rug hand knotted by proud Berber Women Artisans, with a hard-wearing textile base.

Azilal rugs come from Azilal region, located in the remote and very difficult mountains of the High Atlas,
Azilal rug shows a great craftsmanship creativity with joyful and colorful patterns.

This Moroccan rug is hand knotted in a colorful palette, following no rules but the artisan mood and inspiration to give a superb design. A beautiful example of tribal art.

The colors interact in the amazing orderly yet random patterns that fill every space of this unique Azilal rug. Intricate Berber fertility symbols mingle with eye protection. A beautifully styled rug, a stunning collector’s piece.



Dimensions: 4.75 ft x 8.70 ft (265 cm x 145 cm)
Weight: 9 kg
Material: 100% pure wool. No chemicals or synthetic dyes.
Origin: handmade in Morocco
Condition: Excellent condition!

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