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Vintage Tribal Art Azilal Rug 7'9"x4'8"

$ 295.00

Vintage Tribal Art Azilal Rug 7’9″x4’8″

A stunning 1980s knotted wool rug from the Boujad region

$ 295.00

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Vintage Tribal Art Azilal Rug

A stunning 1980’s knotted wool rug. A pure Moroccan carpet from the Azilal region in Morocco, with a hard-wearing textile base. This vintage tribal art Azilal rug is handwoven in a colorful palette of reds, oranges, greens and blacks, in a geometrical design. A beautiful example of tribal art.

The colors interact in the amazing orderly yet random patterns that fill every space of this unique tribal art rug. Intricate Berber fertility symbols mingle with depictions of people. A beautifully styled rug, a stunning collector’s piece.

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Materials: 100% soft wool.

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions240 × 147 cm