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Berber Red Kilim Rug 5'4"x3'4"

$150.00 $129.00

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Berber Red Kilim Rug 5’4″x3’4″

A lovely red Kilim rug with traditional designs and patterns

$150.00 $129.00

Out of stock


Berber Red Kilim Rug

A lovely red Kilim rug very popular thanks to its traditional designs and striking colors that add texture and vibrancy. this is a collector’s piece.

handwoven Berber Kilim Rug (Or “Hanbel”), with geometric design and original colors to give your interior an extra punch.

It can be used as tribal rug, decorative tapestry or sofa cover and adds a beautiful touch of texture to your home.

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Material: Wool / Cotton

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Weight2.270 kg
Dimensions165 × 104 cm