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Pair of Blue Berber Cushions 13"x13"

$82.00 $52.90

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Pair of Blue Berber Cushions 13″x13″

Handwoven and embroidered pair of vintage berber cushions

$82.00 $52.90

Out of stock


Pair of Blue Berber Cushions

Handwoven and embroidered pair of blue berber cushions created and made by local women’s cooperatives. Each cushion is almost a little piece of art. Please note that the front and the back of the cushion are always different.

Pillows usually made in one piece and are folded in tow and sewn along the sides with an opening left for the stuffing.

ALL hand woven & embroidery

Colors are so live and vegetable

This is a 100% Kilim handmade wool cushion.
Please check out the shop for other available colors and models here.

Origin: Made in Atlas Mountains (Zemmour).
Design: Geometric fertility design.
Materials: 100% Natural Wool.
Weave: Handwoven.
Pattern: Diamond.
Pile: Low.

PS: The indicated price is for the pair

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