A collection of hand picked Moroccan rugs and Berber cushions
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  • Berber Rugs

    Berber Rugs (31)

    Moroccan Berber Rugs Selection The Popularity of hand woven Berber Rugs are wide-spreading through both chic and bohemian interiors of an increasing number of people who didn't necessarily put their foot on Morocco. Hand knotted Moroccan carpet sounds more poetical when in addition we're told it comes straight from the Atlas tribes. Some of these rugs are Brand new and others…
  • Berber Cushions

    Berber Cushions (7)

    Berber Cushions Selection Looking for the perfect cushion to team up with your rug? Here you will find the Berber cushions that will add the perfect finishing touch to your home decor. This Collection of Unique and sublime Moroccan Cushions hand woven in the Atlas mountains will bring an exotic sound to a contemporary interior and a stylish bohemian vibe to any…
  • Moroccan Blankets

    Moroccan Blankets (3)

    Moroccan Blankets Selection Moroccan blankets are having a huge moment in modern home decor: small berber carpets, Berber wedding Handiras and other kinds of Exquisite textiles all carefully and ethically Handmade by local artisans. Our Collection offers Moroccan handicrafts that are all lightweight and yet wonderfully warm due to a tight, closed weave. Each piece is one of a kind,…