Moroccan rugs prices: The truth behind figures

Moroccan rugs prices: The truth behind figures

Moroccan rugs prices:

The truth behind figures

Let's talk about Moroccan rugs prices. Well, sooner or later you have to talk about money. "How much does this rug cost you?" is the legitimate question we're being asked very often. 

But let's make it crystal clear, you're not going to find in this post a comparative chart of our confreres prices. 

First, each rug is unique, the colors, the rug types and the wool quality are as various as the fares you will find. 

Beyond those differences though, we would like to discuss here the prices according to the distribution channel that you choose.


Moroccan rugs prices in souks

In case, like me, you like carpets, travel and adventures then it is more likely that your first contact with a Moroccan rug will be in a rug souk randomly found while wandering in the medina's alleys. 

You believe that due to you proximity to the source the price will be lighter. This might be true without the mystery and the magic of the souk economy. 

In this place the price depends on the human relationship, exchanges without ignoring the body subtle language. Moreover, if you think that bargaining in only a way to obtain a fair price you are missing a fundamental point. 

You will miss the special bond woven between you that the dealer. An ephemeral bond that finds a corner in your unconscious and hide there as deep as a childhood memory. 

The souk has its own economy. In the same time it's a place for merchandise exchange, a place for living and a tourist attraction.

Moroccan Rugs price

Moroccan rugs prices online​

You're looking at some pictures on warm online shop. The mentioned prices are mostly before shipping charges. You click and fill you virtual cart. Than equipped with your faithful credit card you make the order. You guess it. 

Besides the prices often dramatically expensive, this isn't the distribution channel we prefer. But let's be realistic, nowadays most of the purchases are made online. Our humble business doesn't escape this rule. 

This is why we focus our efforts on exchanging with each customer. We'd rather take all the needed time to offer to each person a unique selection depending on your inquiries and on our inspiration. 

Every Berber rug, blanket or cushion provided on our store had been handpicked with love. A unique piece that can find a place in our home. We don't deal with it as simple merchandise. And, we have to say it, a lot of choice kills the choice. It would be boring and tedious to display hundreds of handcrafted textiles in stock. 

We prefer by far seek few pieces that seem relevant. A no sale is always better than a bad sale.

Moroccan rugs prices on marketplaces

Recently a lot of sales platforms have shown up. They may be very broad or targeting specific niches like thrifting and home decor. An increasingly number of rugs dealers seem charmed by this operating mode. 

What we should know is that this process adds in reality the equivalent of a broker to the chain. The platform commission varies between 15% and 20%. This is a fact that will increase your bill and decrease the artisan's income. 

I've noticed that the business model of these platforms is quite like booking, which, by heavily investing on SEO and paid ads, tend to make themselves indispensable to small sellers without a real added value though.  

So we try to resist to this operating mode as long as we can to maintain our pricing policy.

Moroccan Rug Beni Ourain

Moroccan rugs price

rugs prices in Western stores

Besides the seller margin, in a store you will have to pay the rent of a beautiful address in California, Amsterdam or Sydney. This is not likely the place where you will get a bargain but you can see and touch each carpet and speak to the dealer face to face.

Moroccan rugs prices at

We've made the choice to spend most of our time either with artisans all over Morocco or in contact with you. That's why you will find our Berber rugs ONLY online through our website or on our Instagram account craftic.morocco.

It's a traditional and light operating mode that offers the advantage of being very simple and handy. And this simplicity is one the core factors that allow us to maintain affordably priced items. And the fact that we do collect our textiles directly from artisans for a quite fair price results of a final cost that is much lower than what you can get in online or even local stores.

For instance, the vintage Beni Ourain on the photo is up to 3 feet large by 5 feet long and can be purchased for less than $225 shipping included to find a refuge in a beautiful Californian home.

Price range of an authentic Beni Ouarain carpet

I apologize for this long recital which isn't very helpful as it does not contain enough figures.
The less complicated case is the classical black and white Beni Ouarain with diamond patterns that you can find in a lot of stores in various dimensions and qualities. 
The simplest approach would be to calculate the price on square meter. When you divide the announced price by the surface you'll obtain the cost per square meter. You will notice that this price remains quite stable for the same dealer with different rugs dimensions. 
To go faster, here is a little summary without waffle of what we think of m² prices that you will encounter.

Less than $100/m²
On the bottom o the scale you will find fake "Berber Style" rugs in acrylic. Click here to see our opinion.
If you visit Morocco, go near to the source and purchase rugs by pack of 10 and you may get those prices for real Beni Ouarains. Buying like this is a pretty noble job but it may not be the best option if your intention is to decorate your interior.

$100 to $200/m²
This is the price range we are aiming at with shipping included. 
With our various trips to the Berber cooperatives and small village souks and the taxes, our margin may seem very tiny but we are okay with that, and above all the artisans and weavers with whom we're working know our selling prices. (Everyone has Instagram nowadays!). They found this price fair and no one has the feeling that one is getting rich on the backs of the others.

$200 to $300/m²
We think that this is a bit expensive. But as I said before, if we consider the store rent, some marketing expenses or a commission redistributed to a marketplace this can make sense. 
Besides, some Moroccan Vintage rugs may have outstanding wool quality or a pattern that suits perfectly your need, then why not? The cost is forgotten, but the quality remains. 
It will cost you nothing though to contact us if you ever find your perfect piece on that price range. We may have something in stock for you in the 100-200 range.            

More than $300/m²
Scam ? I don't know. $2000 for a 9'x6' rug is exaggerated. Obviously love means giving without limit. But still, I sometimes have the feeling that some sellers are pumping up the prices to make us believe that the quality is out of the ordinary.

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